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The EzeLock from Mycropore

The Ezelock PFA Housing only utilizes the highest purity PFA resin, DuPont PFA-400 HJP, high precision molded in Japan, and then rigorously cleaned and tested in support of the requirements for SEMI Standard F57-301. The Most Exciting Aspect of this Housing is it’s filter compatibility. The Ezelock PFA housing fits both Chemlock A and Ezelock key filter elements thanks to it’s patented superior design. 

Ezelock accepts the traditional installation of 2-222 O-ring cartridges. Ezelock bowl will accept the Mycropore cartridges and provide greater safety, cleanliness, and space savings versus the traditional installation method. Ezelock bowl will accept the competitor’s cartridge with its key in place.  The cartridge locking feature ensures the filter is completely installed and prevents back pressure from unseating the filter. The Ezelock housing is offered in a universal (nominal) 10 inch length and 20 inch length to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges. The Patented Ezelock PFA Cartridge Housing, offers an excellent space-saving solution. This housing locks the cartridge into the bowl, allowing the bowl and cartridge to be installed or removed as a single unit so contamination and chemical contact is minimized. For more information, including how to order, reach out to us on here or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.