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Business Partners

Horiba International

Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

Chemical Concentration Metrology

Water and Wastewater Treatment Metrology

PR-PD Reticle Particle Detection Systems

IR Series in Line IR monitors (FTIR, NDIR)

Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA Systems)  

AJR Filtration/Delta Pure

Manufacturing and Development of 
Filtration Solutions

Mycropore Corp. PTE Ltd.

Filtration designed for Semiconductor Applications.

Critical Process Filtration, Inc.

Filtration designed for Critical Applications.

PCT Systems,Inc.
Leaders in Megasonic systems

Parker- Bioscience and Water Filtration

Filtration designed for Advanced Applications.

Semiconductor Equipment Services

Semiconductor Equipment parts and repair services.

Machining Services

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

High Performance Filtration Products

United Mfg, Corporation

UHP Stainless Steel gas fittings

US Analytical Solutions

Bruker XRF and OES


Ultrasonic Flow Meters

H&D Distributors, Inc.

Seals and O-Rings for the most critical applications

Aries Division of Resin Tech Inc.

Ion Exchange Resin  Cartridges 

Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration

Porvair Filtration

World Class Filtration Solutions

Roki Techno Co., LTD.

Filter cartridges & Filter systems